November 3, 2008

  1. Highs and Lows
  2. Badges!  Wear them whenever you're acting in official capacity (like when you're doing rounds while on duty or when you're working at the front desk).
  3. Floor Reports
  4. Staff Retreat
    • December 6th
    • Find a person to cover for you (especially if they've asked you to cover for them).
  5. Committee Reports
    • Facilities
      • next meeting is Wednesday at 4:10 pm in the Pine Penthouse
      • issues to be brought up:
        • outside garbage and recycling bins are no longer there (Some people would like them there so they don't have to traipse in empty beer cans that are found on the ground.  Additionally, garbage is found strewn in the neighbors lawn as well as our own, possibly due to the unavailability of outside garbage cans.)
        • placement of cigarette disposal containers (Should they be farther way--at the 15 feet mark (having to stand 15 feet away from the building is STATE LAW, so even if it isn't posted, smokers must obey this--but remember to remain polite when enforcing this rule as it is often received much more kindly  and thus actually obeyed rather than simply disregarded)--so smokers stay that far away or would they just move them closer to the building or can more permanent containers be installed that can't be moved?  Because many people don't like the cigarette butts all over the place and they often get tracked into the building via sticking to shoes.)
        • a shelter for smokers  (It would be a good idea for interested students to talk to STUDENT SENATE!)
  6. RA--early/late
    • Early Leave/Back
      • leave noon on Tuesday, November 25
      • back 9 am on Sunday, November 30
      • Karlie, Pat, Allison, Suresraj, Rose, Lucas, Kris, Sam, Nick, Haeman
    • Late Leave/Back
      • leave 10 am on Wednesday, November 26
      • back 5 pm on Sunday, November 30
      • everyone else!
    • Traditionally, PAA's can leave at noon on Tuesday, November 25 and must be back by 5 pm on Sunday, November 30.  Make sure to let Mike know when you're planning on leaving!
  7. Questions and Answers
    • Sex Talk will be on Tuesday, November 18, at 9:30 pm in the lounge.
      • We need some more guy helpers.
        • Jordan Spychalla and Mouldy volunteered to help.
    • No side conversations (by you or by residents) at Hall Council!
      • Rather than sitting in the back, try to spread yourself out among your residents and keep an eye on them.
      • Since it is the residents' meeting, is this something that the exec board should address???
    • No 1:1 type meetings this week:  LL 2 NY!
    • Are we still doing holiday cards???
    • Are we going to have a staff holiday party?
      • Traditionally, we have a white elephant gift exchange for those who would like to participate and it is also a...
      • Potluck!  Yum!
      • Details to be determined at a later date.
    • Do It In The Dark
      • competition to reduce electricity usage:  unplug unused appliances and shut off lights!
    • Political Papers
      • They just end up on the floor.
      • It is the right of candidates to distribute these, so just recycle unclaimed ones.
    • BSU Men's Track and Field Team is in danger of being cut for budget reasons
      • See the group on Facebook for more info and what you can do.
    • Floor T-Shirts, etc.
      • Consider having them done through the Exhibit Design Club.
      • See Brandon with any questions or requests.
  8. Group Activity
    • Balderdash by wings!  (Sam rocks this game out, fo shizzle!)


October 27, 2008

  1. Highs and Lows
  2. Call in Biohazards (puke, blood, etc.)
    • to Res. Life during the day (x7350)
    • to Security at night (x3888)
  3. 2:2's this week
  4. No 1:1 meetings next week
  5. Mocktails went well-thank you!
  6. Halloween Trick-or-Treating
    • Thursday, 5-7 pm
  7. Floor Decorating Contest
    • judging will take place around 5 be ready!  :)
  8. Heaters
    • make sure vents are open...and not blocked either on top or bottom
    • make sure all 4 window panes are closed
    • sometimes, putting a fan underneath (by lower register/under dresser) can help to circulate the heat
  9. Thanksgiving Work
    • If you want to work over Thanksgiving Break, pick up a form in the FYRE Dept. and turn in by Thursday.
  10. No meals are served over break.  See the orange "Pin Me Up" sheet for details.
  11. Next Week:  Deciding who leaves when for T-Day Break
  12. Give a list of classes/professors you like/don't like to Jordan Spychalla by Wednesday.
  13. Give training evals to Crystal or another Training Committee member by Tuesday at 6:30 pm.
  14. Karlie turns 21 on Saturday, November 1st!  You're invited to Applebee's after the hockey game.
  15. Wing Splits!
    • Loaded Questions!!!


October 20, 2008

  1. Highs and Lows
  2. Oak Renovations
  3. Mocktails Updates
    • Watch for an email with info about when you can help set up.
    • If going to the hockey game, make sure to help clean up if not helping to set up.
  4. Floor Reports
  5. Committee Reports
    • Turn in your evals and/or comments to the Training Committee.
    • Facilities:  4:20 pm, Wednesday, 12th Floor Tamarack
  6. FYRE @ Dates
    • Pick 'em and Post 'em in the FYRE Dept.
  7. This week:  1:1's
  8. Next week:  2:2's
  9. Next week:  Heater Quiz, Halloween
  10. Questions and Answers
    • Staff Potluck
      • Sunday, October 26th
      • 6:00 pm
      • Classroom
      • Breakfast Theme
  11. "We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."  -Ben Sweetland


October 13, 2008

  1. Highs and Lows
  2. Mocktails and Halloween
    • Mocktails is Saturday, October 25, from 9 pm to 12 am, in the 2nd floor lounge.
    • Trick-or-Treating is Thursday, October 30, from 5-7 pm, sign up at the front desk.
  3. Assignments
  4. Committee Reports
    • Facilities:  We need to crush our containers.
  5. Oak Discussion
  6. RA Conference (November 22nd)
  7. Res Hall Hearing Board
    • We need residents as representatives, so please ask those you think would do well.
    • Applications are at the front desk.
  8. Reminder of 1:1's this week (and next week)
  9. Heaters
    • vents open
    • all 4 window panes closed
    • nothing blocking underneath or on top
    • check the nearby rooms too
    • If actually broken, call Res. Life during the day [8 am-4:30 pm] (x3750) or Security at night (x3888)
  10. The Advertising Firm.
    • NOM, NOM, NOM
  11. Questions and Answers


October 6, 2008

  1. Highs and Lows
  2. Inservice
  3. Retreat Date
    • Saturday, December 6 to Sunday, December 7
  4. FYRE Events (Traditional & New Ideas)
    • Mocktails
    • Sex Talk
    • Holiday Party
    • Madrigals
    • State Park
    • Buena Vista
    • Polar Bear Swim
    • Superbowl
    • Oscars
    • Wolf Center-Ely
    • Twins Game
    • May Day Swim
    • Festival of Nations
    • Mardi Gras
    • Bedtime Stories
      • with Mark Christiansen???
    • Game Feed
    • Responsible Drinking Night
    • Lat Night at the Rec
    • MOA
    • MN Zoo
    • Wild Hockey Game
    • Swarm Lacrosse Game
    • Timberwolves Game
      • See Lucas Peterson for special deals???
    • FYRE Potluck
    • Wing Socials
    • Spring Formal
    • Presidential Election Party
    • Meter Parking Spot Raffle
    • Speed Dating by Wings
    • Movie Night @ The Amigo
    • Sadie Hawkins Dance
  5. FYRE @ Events (Traditional & New Ideas)
    • Men's Hockey
    • Late Night Skate
    • Women's Hockey
    • Soccer
    • Men's Basketball
    • Women's Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Tennis
    • Track and Field
    • Rugby
    • Honors Lecture-Fall
    • Honors Lecture-Spring
    • Theater Production
    • Band/Choir
    • Men's Club Hockey
  6. Evals
  7. Mocktails Oct. 25
  8. Committee Reports
    • Facilities:  Suggest a washing machine charge machine in the halls, not just in Walnut
    • Training:  Meeting Tuesday, October 14 at 7 am
  9. Halloween Trick or Treat
    • Thursday, October 30
    • 5-7 pm
    • Sign Up at the Front Desk
  10. Questions and Answers
    • Staff Potluck
      • Sunday, October 12
      • 6 pm, Classroom
      • Italian Theme
    • Upcoming Water/Energy Conservation Project
      • Competition between dorms starts in November.
    • Fall Scene Picture Taking???
      • Like prom, but for roommates and friends?
    • Staff Card???
  11. Spelling Pretest
  12. Vocab
  13. NW (Next Week):  Heaters, Mocktails


September 29, 2008

  1. Phrase Catching
  2. Highs 'n' Lows
  3. 2:1's this week
    • Talk to Mike, Brian, or Brandon if you need to reschedule due to the short week.
  4. Review of On FYRE Week
  5. Review of Expectations
    • Let LL and the assistants know if you can't make it to an event.
  6. Peer Accountability--Keep each other accountable!
  7. Taking Down Old Stuff
    • Take down outdated posters in order to reduce Sign Blindness.
  8. Drinking
  9. Mocktails
    • Saturday, October 25th
    • 9 pm-12 am
    • Oak Lounge/Classroom
    • PAA's, please ask your FYE instructors if they would like to serve (be "bartenders").
  10. Halloween Trick-o-Treat
    • 5-7 pm
    • Kids from the elementary schools will be invited to come around the dorms.
  11. Floor Reports
  12. Retreat
    • Bring your schedule for the rest of the year to next week's meeting so we can figure out a date now to commit to!
  13. Next Week is 4:4's (so 4A meets this Sunday, Oct. 5 at 8 pm)
  14. How can we communicate better?
  15. Weekend Summary
    • Call Security if people are seen on campus who shouldn't be here.
  16. Committee Reports
  17. Next Week:  FYRE@Events!!!.  What Evals are.  Retreat.
  18. Questions & Answers
    • If there is a light that is burnt out, write a note to your GMW.  Don't write a work order for that.
    • Support Hall Council.  Don't have side conversations, and try to keep the residents from doing so as well.
  19. (Banana) Split!!!
    • On Duty
      • The RA on duty should have the cell phone and do rounds by 9 pm.  They should also write in the Duty Log every night.
      • On buddy duty begins at 11 pm.
      • Rounds should be done at 9 pm and 11 pm every night.  The RA on duty will do 9:00 rounds; both the RA on duty and the RA on buddy duty will do rounds together at 11:00.
      • On the weekends (Friday and Saturday nights) or any other night that we don't have school the next day, rounds should be done at 9 pm by the RA on duty, and 11 pm and 1 am by both the RA on duty and the RA on buddy duty.
      • Feel free to mix up rounds times a bit to keep residents on their toes.
      • When closing doors for quiet hours, say something so that residents know what you're doing.
      • During the quiet hours rounds, shut off the hallway lights (switches should be at the end of each floor).  Also, shut off 1/2 of the lights in the lounge and classroom (if no one's in there, of course...).
      • Do rounds in the basement at least once during the night (check to make sure the Game Room is locked in A-wing, the furniture is ok in B-wing, the Conference Room and Study Rooms are locked in C-wing, etc.).
    • Front Desk
      • Never give out a resident's room number.  We can only give out the telephone number.
      • Remember to write absolutely every checked out item in the Equipment Check Out binder.
      • When checking out tag keys, keep the white tag in the box (on the door so we can quickly see which keys are checked out).  Give the resident the key only.  Also, make sure to have them sign the tag key card.  You must also date and initial it.  Checked out tag key cards should be placed in the black file box.  Once the resident returns the key, have them sign the card again.  You also date and initial it again.  Then, file it back in the pull out drawer (in the correct room order).
    • Check Out Packets
      • Do them correctly.
      • Staple them in the correct order--see the example.
      • ASK if you're not 100% sure!  Returners love to answer those kinds of questions!!!




April 28, 2008

Check Out Procedures:


April 13, 2008

Highs and lows

On Fyre Week

P.O.'s handed out

Staff Shirts

AAR for 18th -Brian, Chance, Shelly



April 7, 2008


Highs and Lows

Floor evals

Self and Peer evals are due

1:1 normal this week and no 1:1's next week

FYRE Week Preview

Res Life Committee Reports

Guys night - April 26th

Riminder to sign up for rooms

Beaver Film committee add SSC

Fyre committee Flyers

Spring training reminder

questions and answers



March 31, 2008

Highs and Lows


Evals - keep an eye out for your email - attachments

        Self Eval and Floor Peer Evals Due April 7th 8:45 pm

Zach Johnson will be here April 1st to present on Withdrawing from classes and its effects

FYRE Freeze - April 1st 11:55 am

Twins Game Reminder Staff Meet at least at 7 am to load the bus

On FYRE week Meetings - Reminder to update Wiki and put in purchase order requests

Questions and Answers

It is Mel's Birthday on Friday. - Mark's is on Monday.



*If you have not turned in your signature page to res life, do it immediately.  Tammy and Rox really take care of a situation when they can show a resident that they did receive the information, instead of them saying "My RA never gave me that".

*Please make sure to write incident reports in a timely manner - there are several pressing incidents that need to be moved on immediately, so the sooner we get the information the better



I know that it is a very stressful week for everyone, but bringing it to the meeting is not solving any problems.  Keep on top of your homework but also remember that our work with residents is very important - and not done.  I work on making sure your time is valued. 










 FALL START UP - Orientation